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New Haven (CT) Chapter

We took care of business but we had fun too, many times until late at night. I always came home with a smile on my face and never took a leave of absence.


Link Patricia Downing, Celebrating 50 Years of Membership in 2020

Our History


Our illustrious chapter, The New Haven (CT) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was Chartered on December 18, 1972. We represent the longest standing chapter in the State of Connecticut. Since our founding, the Chapter has maintained a significant legacy of lasting contributions to the community and has worked tirelessly toward enhancing the quality of life and serving the needs of Greater New Haven. We are proud that some of the New Haven Chapter’s initiatives have gained national recognition. Working under the guidelines of the National Organization of The Links, Incorporated, The New Haven Chapter provides outstanding programs. The Chapter’s members are women of influence and accomplishment who serve through the organizations five facets:

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National Trends and Services
The Arts
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Services to Youth
International Trends and Services
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Health and Human Services

Emeralds and Pearls 51st Gala:
A Night to Remember
— Award Recipients —


Our Vision

The New Haven (CT) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is a volunteer service organization of concerned, committed and talented women who, linked in friendship, enhance the quality of life in the community. The Chapter is concerned primarily with enriching, sustaining and ensuring the identities, culture and economic survival of African Americans and persons of African descent. To contribute to the formulation of a positive, productive, and culturally diverse society, The New Haven (CT) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated also focuses on education, cultural enrichment, health and wellness and civic involvement. Our programs are designed to empower communities of African descent. We are committed to service and outreach and touching the lives of the Greater New Haven community through programming in our Facet areas of the Arts, National Trends, International Trends, Services to Youth and Health and Human Services.

Our Mission

The New Haven (CT) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated will impact the quality of life for humankind through community service. In response to the ever-changing society, the Chapter will increase its participation nationally and internationally for a stronger partnership with people of goodwill and good deeds.


Our Chapter Goals and Strategy

The New Haven (CT) Chapter of The Links, Inc. continues to embody the highest principles of friendship and service through community service programs and community focused chapter activities. Through the leadership of professional women: 

      Our Chapter Goals 

  • Implement and maintain an Umbrella program that involves 100% active participation of each Chapter member from 2020 through 2024 that will serve St. Martin de Porres Academy;

  • The Umbrella program shall incorporate the 5 facets in support of the students;

  • Design, develop and implement and evaluation tool to assess the effectiveness of the Chapter's umbrella program; and, 

  • Increase the visibility of the Chapter members in one or more of the National Program Initiatives.

      Our Strategic Goals 

  • Promote and engage in educational, civic and intercultural activities for the benefit of the community;

  • Increase the number of sustainable and measurable programs;

  • Contribute to the formulation of a positive, productive and culturally diverse society while preserving our history;

  • Create partnerships which promote activism that fosters transformational change in the community;

  • Ensure chapter continuity by identifying and nurturing the next generation of The Links, Incorporated leadership;

  • Support the National Organization through thought leadership as regards enhancing the facets, programs and other activities. 

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